Research Libraries and Archives

The core of the Fishbourne Roman Palace research library was donated to the site in 2014 by Patrick Crosbie, a historian who had spent a lifetime building this impressive collection. The Crosbie collection focusses on all aspects of Roman life and Roman history, and is augmented by the Palace’s own collection of volumes on local and practical archaeology. It contains nearly 2000 volumes in total and is likely the most extensive Roman/archaeological library in the region. In addition it contains a variety of archaeological and historical journals, including a nearly complete set of Sussex Archaeological Collections.

The library includes site reports for all of the key local archaeological sites, and is complemented by the site’s own reserve collection of artefacts and paper archive from these sites.  While volumes cannot be taken off site, a research room is available and photocopying facilities can be provided by arrangement (for which a charge may be applicable).

A searchable catalogue is available at the Palace, and a non-searchable version can be found on the Fishbourne Roman Palace website:

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The library can be accessed free of charge from Monday to Friday during the site’s normal trading hours by appointment with the curator (