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Arundel Castle is the repository for the archives of the Earls of Arundel and the Dukes of Norfolk, and as such, it relates to their estates in over 20 English counties, as well as to their political and personal lives. Nevertheless, Arundel being the seat of the Earls of Arundel until the mid-16th century and of the Dukes of Norfolk from 1778 to the present day, much of the archive relates solely to Sussex. It is a collection rich in estate material, from manorial rolls to estate accounts, old maps and plans, early title deeds, correspondence, architectural drawings and photographs. These, together with records of castle staff and estate workers going back to the 18th century, provide a unique historical resource.

Material must be booked in advance. As a private archive without public funding, we do make a charge for research access. However, a concession for long-term research allows 10 all-day visits a year, with free car-parking. This is widely used both by students and by academic researchers who are often able to reclaim the fee from their academic institutions.

The ducal Library is an antiquarian resource and, although on view in the Castle, it is not available for general research. Its catalogue and that of the Archives can be read online, following the links on the Castle web site

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